The Big News

I have HUGE news... I hinted at it before we left to go to Tybee Island and I'm so excited to share  this with you all!

We're Pregnant!!
First Ultrasound
It's nothing but a wee little peanut right now but I am so excited. I've known since February and it's been interesting so far. It's nothing like when I was pregnant with Autumn! So far, I'm 11 weeks & my due date is October 29! I want a Halloween baby so baddd!! The birthday parties would be AMAZING! lol! 
I'm so happy Autumn won't be an only child! I can't even begin to tell you! She'll have a little play partner and someone to fight with! HA! Robin already thinks it is a boy, and he was right last time!
So, I'll keep you updated on all that. Especially when I'm not so nasuated anymore! Because when that happens it will be a MIRACLE!


With Love, Jamie said...

Yay! Congrats!!

Nicole said...


cuppy said...

Congratulations sweetness! xxoo

Elis said...

Awww! Congratulations, Heather! I'm so excited for you & your family! ^____^
I hope the nausea gets better for you soon...it is really the pits! (I threw up every single morning when I was pregnant! D:)

victoria said...

i'm so happy for you guys!! like literally every time i start thinking about it I start tearing up!! oh and go get some preggie pops! they helped my morning sickness so much!

Jamie said...


Tanya said...

wow! congratulations!! so happy for you!

Becky Farley said...

Holy Moly THIS IS AWESOME news!!!!!!
Oh Heather how wonderful! :)
I'm so happy for you and the gang!
Keep us updated!!!

Courtney said...

Woah! How did I miss this?! Congratulations girlie girl! I'm so happy for you!