excuses & what not

So, I'm lazy. That's what everyone tells me. Truth is, I'm not lazy. I forget, alot.  Because of this great character flaw, things I'm supposed to do, don't get done. Honestly, I wish this wasn't the way I was. Another problem is I'm easily distracted. Again, another thing about me that isn't good. *sigh* So, why am I telling all this to a journal that no one reads....... who knows. I want to upload pictures of all the things I've been making lately, but again I forogt or got distracted. That and I don't think they are THAT great and none of it is original. I've been using patterns from the internet. So far I've really only been crocheting coasters. I have a stack of 7 sets (4 in each set) made... almost. I should be finishing those right now and cleaning my room.... but here i am at the computer. I really just want to bang my head on stuff when I get so un-motivated like I am now. 

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